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AquaNemix 1.25 V

Article number: 11953501 / EAN: 7611034130866
AquaNemix 1.25 v von Birchmeier zum Ausbringen von Nematoden
  • Dosiergerät AquaNemix von Birchmeier - Nematoden gegen den Gartenlaubkäfer ausbringen
  • Dosiergerät AquaNemix von Birchmeier - Nematoden gegen den Dickmaulrüssler ausbringen
  • Dosiergerät AquaNemix von Birchmeier - Nematoden ausbringen
  • Dosiergerät AquaNemix von Birchmeier - Nematoden Heterorhabditis ausbringen
  • Dosiergerät AquaNemix von Birchmeier - Nematoden Steinernema feltiae ausbringen

Application of nematodes in a precise dosage. The well designed dosing system ensures a precise mixture of water and nematodes.

  • Precise admixture of nematodes (2%)
  • Water pressure should be connection min. 1.5 bar bis max. 5 bar
  • Incresed water flow: at 4 bar new 14 l/min (previous version 6 l/min)
  • Easy watering with neutral position (no nematodes added to water = pure water flow 14 l/min)
  • Handle swiveling respect to tank
  • Quick and easy mounted ("snap lock" and screw fitting)
  • Robuste and handy unit for commercial 2% nematodes
  • Maintenance free and easy to clean
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Technical data
Chemical resistanceSuitable for most biological and conventional plant protection products such as herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, liquid fertilizers and plant tonics etc.Not suitable for formic acid, acetic acids, sodium / potassium hydroxides. In addition stainless steel units: no hydrochlonic acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid or hydrofluoric acid, ammonia, peroxides and other corrosive media.Not suitable for mineral oil based and vegetable oils, hypochlorites, limonenes, terpenes.Not suitable for non-polar solvents, ketones, peroxides, chlorine, acids and alkalines.
Biological agents
Form of applicationLiquid
Filling capacity (Volume, l)1.25
Nozzle typeShower
Spray patternTo spill
Nozzles materialPlastic
Material Device/containerPlastic
Material FittingsPlastic
Fitting connectorsQuick coupling
Stress class
Length (mm)240
Width (mm)150
Height (mm)220
Weight (kg)0.41
Device typeMixer
Special functionMixing ratio for nematodes 2 %

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Operating ManualOperating Manual
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