Funnel oval, red 19x12.5 cm, height 38 cm

Article number: 10301203 / EAN: 7611034500119
Funnel oval, red 19x12.5 cm, height 38 cm
  • Ersatzteil für Birchmeier Geräte Trichter

The popular Birchmeier funnels are used everywhere because of their well thought-out design principles. The funnel’s capture ring reduces liquid overflows and splashes.

  • Oval shape made of robust plastic
  • Funnel capture ring
  • Resistant to fuel
  • Fine stainless steel sieve with perforated white steel base ø 8.8 cm
  • Supports with ventilation channel ø 2.1 cm
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Technical data
Chemical resistance
ApplicationWindshield washer
Form of applicationLiquid
Nozzle type
Spray pattern
Nozzles material
Material Device/containerPlastic
Material Fittings
Fitting connectors
Stress class
Width (mm)192
Height (mm)500
Weight (kg)0.22
Device type
Special functionGasolineDiesel

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