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Clean-Matic 1.25 P / 360°

Article number: 11975301 / EAN: 7611034130965
Sprühgerät Clean-Matic 1.25 P / 360° von Birchmeier für Säuren

New swing with 360° function. High quality hand compression sprayer with brass nozzle for a general and industrial use.

  • Spraying in any position (360°)
  • Impact resistant polyethylene tank with 1.25 l filling capacity, transparent
  • Recessed grips
  • Special resistant gaskets against acidic products
  • Safety valve and lockable push-button
  • Ergonomic and efficient hand pump up to 3 bar operating pressure
  • Large filling opening
  • Fanjet nozzle made of plastic
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Technical data
Formwork release oil / Release agents
Mineraloil based solvent
Form of applicationLiquid
Filling capacity (Volume, l)1.25
Max. working pressure (bar)3
Nozzle typeFanjet nozzle TPU 8002 PP
Spray patternFanjet nozzle
Nozzles materialPlastic, plastic / stainless steel
Material Device/containerPlastic
Material FittingsPlastic
Fitting connectors
Stress classVery heavy duty
Length (mm)125
Width (mm)215
Height (mm)305
Weight (kg)0.43
Device typeHand sprayer
Special functionSpray function 360° (spraying in any position)Gaskets Viton
Nozzles data
Element for fanjet nozzle TPU 8002 PP greyElement for fanjet nozzle TPU 8002 PP greyTechnical parametersSpray patternPressure range2 – 2 barFlow rate l/minbarDroplet size depending on pressure
Pressure (bar)12345678910
To the nozzle
Foam nozzle G3/8"Foam nozzle G3/8Technical parametersSpray patternPressure range – barTo the nozzle
Element for fanjet nozzle XR 8002 VS yellowElement for fanjet nozzle XR 8002 VS yellowTechnical parametersSpray patternFanjet nozzlePressure range1 – 25 barSpray angle80°Flow rate l/minbarDroplet size depending on pressure
Pressure (bar)12345678910
To the nozzle

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