Robust foam gun with integrated mixing ratio adjustment

Vario-Matic 1.25 PE

Whether you use it for foaming, cleaning, disinfecting or descaling in sanitary and shower areas in swimming baths, schools and sports halls, in large kitchens, meat processing and butcher's shops or even for cleaning cars, lorries, trains and aeroplanes, the new all-round Vario-Matic 1.25 PE foam gun impresses with extra functions, a new design and materials which are even more resistant to chemicals.
Vario-Matic 1.25. with rotatable fan nozzle for foaming

When developing the new Vario-Matic 1.25 PE foam gun, Birchmeier focused on improving user friendliness and increasing the range of possible applications. At the heart of the device is the newly designed mixing head with four different mixing ratio settings. As a result, you can set mixing ratios of 1.5% / 2.5 % / 5.0% and 10% or just water.

The new high-performance foam nozzle offers a number of sophisticated features. The foam produced can be applied with a fan-like stream (rotatable depending on the direction of work) or as a jet.

A water pipe pressure of 3 bar results in a throughflow of 8 l/min.

Instead of foam, disinfectants too can be applied. In order to do this, the foam nozzle is replaced by the supplied deflector nozzle. This produces a broad fan-like stream without foaming the disinfectant product.

Thanks to the additional neutral position on the mixing head, the user can easily rinse surfaces with plain water without having to go to the trouble of changing the nozzle. The non-return valve which is integrated into the mixing unit prevents concentrate flowing back into the pipe network.

By further optimising its choice of materials, the manufacturer has made the device significantly more resistant to chemicals.

The new Vario-Matic 1.25 PE also features an ergonomic manual actuator and a quick coupling for the hose. The wide 1.25 litre concentrate tank is stable and has handy finger recesses (for easier opening and closing), a litre scale and dilution information (ratio and percent).

A lightweight spray nozzle, a deflector nozzle and an additional Gardena-compatible quick hose connector all come supplied.

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