Powerful (rechargeable battery) performance for demanding situations

The new A 50 sprayer

Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG has added the mobile A 50 sprayer to its range of rechargeable devices. As a result, the Swiss manufacturer is once again relying on modern rechargeable battery technology. Like the REC 15 backpack sprayer, the powerful A 50 features electronic pressure control and is quiet and environmentally friendly.
Two wheel battery pressure sprayer A 50

At the IPM 2017, Birchmeier will present its new two wheel battery pressure sprayer A 50 – once again setting standards for professional cart sprayers. Like the successful REC 15 backpack sprayer, the A 50 has an electronic control system. This allows you to preset the pressure and maintain it at a constant level. It also monitors important functions such as the pump and rechargeable battery. A constant pressure results in constant spray characteristics. This maximises effectiveness while reducing the amount of solution used.

Just like the backpack sprayers, this device offers impressive performance. Depending on the pressure and the accessories used, the rechargeable battery lasts anywhere from four to over ten hours. During this time, up to 1.300 litres of spray solution can be applied (this is the equivalent of filling the container 26 times, deviations possible depending on the accessories used).

Birchmeier devices are famous for their well-thought-out, practical details. For example, the A 50 has a built-in mixing function. When the stirring mechanism is switched on, the spray liquid in the container is mixed with the help of the pump. Not only does this prevent liquid settling at the bottom of the container – it also allows spray solutions to be mixed in the device.

The benefits of the new sprayer are obvious: no smell of petrol or exhaust gases when working, and a lightweight, economical device which like all Birchmeier products is extremely easy to operate.

  • The user sets the desired operating pressure anywhere from 1 to 10 bar using a rotary control.
  • Thanks to a 50 litre scale on the plastic container, the fill level can be read easily.
  • The 10 metre long hose which is wrapped around the neck of the device when it is not being used allows flexible use even at long distances.
  • A practical holder on the side of the device is provided to store spray tubes and the XL8 telescopic lance.
  • The robust wheels can be locked with a brake to prevent the sprayer accidentally rolling away.
  • The wide range of standard equipment includes: a trigger brass assembly, a 60 cm long spray tube (straight) with a double nozzle holder and two 1.5 Duro mist nozzles. A 60 cm spray tube (curved) and an angled nozzle also come supplied.
  • The wide range of accessories from the manufacturer including the Vario Gun spray gun, the XL 8 telescopic lance, the spray boom or hood and various nozzles make the product even more versatile. More information is available at www.birchmeier.com.