Rechargeable power package for pest control

«Accu-Power» pumpstation BM 1035 from Birchmeier

With the transportable «Accu-Power» pumpstation BM 1035, Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG has once again expanded its range of battery driven devices. Equipped with the proven electronic pressure control system, this flexible device can be used to upgrade the manufacturer’s motorised cart sprayers and make them rechargeable. Alternatively, the box can be used as a portable rechargeable pump for existing tanks. With the BM 1035, Birchmeier has expanded its range of rechargeable models and offers a modern and environmentally friendly alternative to motorised and petrol engine devices.
«Accu-Power» pumpstation BM 1035

Following the launch of the two-wheel A 50 battery sprayer and the REX 15 backpack sprayer, Birchmeier is once again presenting a rechargeable solution for professional users. With the «Accu-Power» pumpstation BM 1035, professionals benefit from sophisticated, reliable technology and flexibility wherever the device is used. After all, the transportable box can be mounted as a rechargeable battery on the A 75 and A 130 cart sprayers or simply used as a battery driven pump for watering and spraying work.

Although it measures just 42 x 34.5 x 20.5 cm (L x W x H), the box is a real power package. After all, the Li-Ion battery lasts from four to over ten hours depending on the pressure and the accessories used. During this time, up to 1,300 litres of spray solution can be applied.

With this device too, the user can select a pressure of 1 to 10 bar. The electronic control system keeps the pressure constant and monitors important pump and rechargeable battery functions.

The benefits of using BM 1035 are obvious: there is no smell of petrol or noise when working – instead a quiet, zero emission device with Birchmeier’s clever, practical features. 

  • The user sets the desired operating pressure anywhere from 1 to 10 bar – with a rotary knob for infinite adjustment.
  • The Li-Ion battery allows up to 14.5 hours of spraying at an operating pressure of 2 bar.
  • The device can easily be mounted on the A 75/A130 cart sprayer or on existing tanks.
  • A spare battery can be stored in an additional second compartment.
  • The wide range of accessories from the manufacturer including the Vario Gun spray gun, the XL 8 telescopic lance, the spray boom or hood and various nozzles make the product even more versatile. More information is available at www.birchmeier.com.
  • The in- and outgoing hose which allows the device to be used as a transportable rechargeable pump comes supplied.