Environmentally friendly rechargeable technology for pest control

The «Accu-Power» line from Birchmeier

Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG uses environmentally friendly rechargeable technology for its sprayers and is now unveiling the «Accu-Power» line. In addition to the REC 15, REB 15 and the recently launched REX 15 backpack sprayers, the company now offers the mobile A 50 sprayer, «Accu-Power» pump station BM 1035 and the A 75 and A 130 models which can be converted into rechargeable devices. This means that the manufacturer provides exhaust gas-free products with reliable technology in various performance classes.
Devices of «Accu-Power» line

The new «Accu-Power» line features exhaust gas-free, quiet professional devices that offer an alternative to conventional petrol and motorized sprayers, and in the high pressure range. Instead of noise and exhaust gases, users enjoy sophisticated technology, highly convenient operation and practical features. Although they have the same control concept, the rechargeable REX 15, REC 15 and REB 15 backpack sprayers, the rechargeable two-wheel A 50 sprayer, the «Accu-Power» pump station BM 1035 and the A 75 and A 130 cart sprayers which can be converted into rechargeable devices offer different outputs designed to cater for the needs of various users. 

Reliable rechargeable technology
The electronic regulating system acts as a control centre in all «Accu-Power» devices. First used in the REC 15 backpack sprayer, the intelligent control system has proven extremely successful in use.
Using a rotary control which allows infinite adjustment, the user sets the exact operating pressure and the device’s electronic system keeps the pressure constant during spraying. It also monitors important pump and rechargeable battery functions. A constant pressure results in constant spray characteristics. The sophisticated technology optimizes effectiveness and is economical at the same time.

Devices for all needs
Birchmeier attaches great importance to providing products tailored to the needs of all users in the plant sector. Because of this, various «Accu-Power» devices are available, offering different pressure ranges, application rates and operating times:

Horticulture and landscaping/ cemeteries: Generally speaking, pest control in relatively small areas is required here. With a pressure of 4.5 bar and an operating time of more than four hours, the REB 15 will be adequate for most applications. For higher pressures and longer operating times, e.g. when applying fungicides, the REC 15 with up to 6 bar is recommended.

Sports grounds and golf courses: With an operating time of more than ten hours, the REX 15 is recommended for applying herbicides. The REC 15 is suitable for smaller areas.

Tree nurseries, fruit-growing and wine-growing: The REX 15 with 10 bar offers the manoeuvrability of a backpack sprayer with a high pressure for spraying range and stock penetration. The device’s high application rate also allows quick and efficient spraying.
Indoor plants: The A 50 cart sprayer or the «Accu-Power» pump station BM 1035 with an application rate of four to five litres per minute are ideal here.

Flowers and decorative plants: For propagation and young plants, high flow rates with low pressures are very important. With an operating time of more than eight hours, the REC 15 is ideal here. If a high level of stock penetration is needed for established or specimen plants, it offers ample performance thanks to a pressure of 6 bar.

Vegetable-growing/ speciality vegetable-growing: Large quantities of spraying solution and a long operating time are important here, e.g. in tunnels at the edge of a company site. With a 50 litre capacity and an operating time of more than 14 hours, the A 50 meets these requirements. The rechargeable A 75 and A 130 cart sprayers are suitable for larger areas. The BM 1035 can be used as a pump station for even larger tanks.

Detailed technical information is available at www.birchmeier.com

The manufacturer offers a wide range of accessories for all «Accu-Power» devices. Various nozzles, the XL 8 telescopic lance, the Vario Gun spray gun, the spray boom and the spray hood make the devices even more versatile for professional use. More information is available at www.birchmeier.com.

Advantages of the rechargeable devices at a glance

  • The world’s most comprehensive rechargeable range for pest control, which now includes the new REX 15 and A 50 sprayers and the rechargeable pump station BM 1035.
  • A suitable device for every specialist application.
  • Exhaust gas and noise-free.
  • Thanks to the latest rechargeable technology, a high level of performance which in the past was only possible with petrol devices.
  • Time-consuming refuelling and engine maintenance are no longer necessary, which helps to reduce costs.
  • The backpack sprayers’ unique ergonomic tanks significantly reduce strain on the user’s back and shoulders when carrying out this physically demanding job.
  • A comprehensive range of accessories allows optimum application techniques. This saves time and helps to protect the environment by ensuring that pesticides are used in a more targeted, economical manner.