IPM 2018: Environmentally friendly rechargeable technology for pest control

The «Accu-Power» line from Birchmeier

Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG presents at IPM the «Accu-Power» line. This environmentally friendly battery product line won the Taspo Award 2017 in the category "Innovative Product". In addition to the battery backpack sprayers REB 15, REC 15 and REX 15 and the two-wheel battery sprayer A 50, the company now offers the pump station BM 1035 and the wheel barrow sprayers A 75 and A 130 which can be converted into rechargeable devices. This means that the manufacturer provides zero emission free products with reliable technology in various performance classes.
Awarded «Accu-Power» line from Birchmeier

As the first manufacturer the company introduced a comprehensive range of battery sprayers for plant protection. These powerful products are a real alternative to engine-powered sprayers.
Instead of noise and exhaust gases, users enjoy sophisticated technology, highly convenient operation and practical features.
The electronic regulating system acts as a control centre in all «Accu-Power» devices. First used in the REC 15 backpack sprayer, the intelligent control system has proven extremely successful in use.
Birchmeier attaches great importance to providing products tailored to the needs of all users in the plant sector. Because of this, various «Accu-Power» devices are available, offering different pressure ranges, application rates and operating times: different applications of «Accu-Power» line devices