New spraying procedure from Birchmeier for plant protection

Spray Blower AS 1200

With the AS 1200, Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG has developed a new device with air-supported spraying technology. The device combines the benefits of conventional nozzle spraying with a controlled air stream. As distinguished from a mist blower it uses the very latest electronics and rechargeable battery technology.
AS 1200 for air-supported spraying

At the heart of the AS 1200 is an easy-to-use, portable blower with an electronic control system and an integrated spray nozzle. Spray solution is fed into it at a pre-set pressure via a hose from a rechargeable sprayer and mixes optimally with the air stream. The blower power can be set to various levels depending on the application. From a gentle breeze when working next to a wall of leaves to a powerful hurricane when working at a distance of 10 metres or more, everything is possible. With this new process, users can penetrate existing plants better. The process also saves spray solution because more of it lands on the plant, it is distributed better and less of it is lost when spraying. The AS 1200 is quiet and produces no exhaust gas.

The blower is designed as an additional device and works together with a sprayer from Birchmeier’s «Accu-Power» line. These rechargeable devices developed by Birchmeier in recent years have received a number of international prizes for innovation. Anyone who owns a rechargeable backpack sprayer from Birchmeier can combine it with the blower. However, the blower requires an additional high-performance rechargeable battery. This is designed to allow several hours’ spraying depending on the blower’s power setting. The latest electronics ensures straightforward, reliable operation.
This device too is "Made in Switzerland".