New generation of the legendary red backpack sprayers

Flox 10 and Iris 15

Flox, Iris and Senior – when it comes to backpack sprayers, they are classics within the sector. These devices have proven themselves over many decades. Professionals and private users consider them robust, durable and technically advanced. Birchmeier has now reworked this range of devices and made what was already good even better.
 Backback sprayer Iris 15 with improved properties and more comfort

The red Flox, Iris and Senior backpack sprayers are proven products for demanding users. Although they have repeatedly undergone minor changes in the past, Flox (10 litres) and Iris (15 litres) have now been comprehensively re-engineered. “Our aim was to further improve the quality of the devices. We worked hard to make the devices even more reliable, robust and maintenance-friendly, with a view to setting standards once again with this new generation of products,” said Jürg Zwahlen, the owner of the company.

Naturally, Birchmeier has retained the external pump system with the proven valve control system and the brass cylinder. However, the legendary system at the heart of the products has been updated.

For example, it now features an additional filter in the suction system before the pump. The pump can easily be dismantled in order to turn the hose outlet 180°.  This enables the device to be adapted to the user’s individual needs depending on whether they are left- or right-handed. The pump lever too can now be attached on both sides.

The manufacturer has also improved the ergonomics of the pump lever. With its new design, it has a variable length to meet users’ needs.

The new base is made of a composite plastic material with rustproof moulded steel parts. The materials used for the frame and pump lever as well as the new form are designed to offer uncompromising durability and practicality.

The tanks now have a more ergonomic shape to help prevent back strain even when working for long periods. The click strap system that has proven successful on the manufacturer’s rechargeable backpack sprayers makes it easier to put on and take off the devices, while the new comfortable soft straps ensure comfort during use.

The popular professional hand valve has been reworked too. The handle has been improved from an ergonomic point of view and now features a dual-position locking function. As a result, the user can set the sprayer either to continuous operation or lock the valve to prevent accidental triggering.