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Maxi 1.0

Article number: 11811101 / EAN: 7611034130347
Maxi 1.0
  • Application Maxi 1.0
  • Application Maxi 1.0

Powerful hand sprayer

  • Robust tank, transparent white, 1.0 litre
  • Powerful nickel plated brass piston pump giving up to 12 bar pressure
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Good stability due to tank design
  • Tank design for easy grip
  • Large filling opening
  • Clear scale
  • Chemical resistant viton gaskets
  • Special nozzle ø 0.8 mm with whirl pin for a fine spray pattern
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Technical data
Chemical resistanceNot suitable for formic acid, acetic acids, sodium / potassium hydroxides. In addition stainless steel units: no hydrochlonic acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid or hydrofluoric acid, ammonia, peroxides and other corrosive media.Not suitable for mineral oil based and vegetable oils, hypochlorites, limonenes, terpenes.For use with mineral oil based and vegetable solvents and oils.
Mineraloil based solvent
Form of applicationLiquid
Filling capacity (Volume, l)1
Max. working pressure (bar)12
Nozzle typeMist nozzle 0.8 mm
Spray patternFull cone nozzle fine (especially for fine misting)
Nozzles materialBrass vni
Material Device/containerPlastic
Material FittingsPlastic, brass vni
Fitting connectors
Stress classVery heavy duty
Length (mm)120
Width (mm)120
Height (mm)250
Weight (kg)0.31
Device typeHand sprayer
Special functionGaskets Viton
Nozzles data
Mist nozzle 0.8 mmMist nozzle 0.8 mmTechnical parametersSpray patternPressure range – barTo the nozzle
Mist nozzle 0.5 mm (Accessories)Mist nozzle 0.5 mm (Accessories)Technical parametersSpray patternPressure range – barTo the nozzle
Mist nozzle 1.2 mm (Accessories) Mist nozzle 1.2 mm (Accessories) Technical parametersSpray patternPressure range – barTo the nozzle

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