Over 145 years' belief in Switzerland as a business location. Highlights from an eventful company history


Air-supportet battery spray blower with two 18 volt battery packs from the Cordless Alliance family (CAS). All battery sprayers are now equipped with CAS battery.

«Accu-Power» line with CAS system


Efficient spraying thanks to the adjustable PR 3 pressure control valve for backpack sprayers and compression sprayers.


«Accu-Power» line: New with CAS system

  • Accu power line now with CAS battery pack
  • Cordless Alliance System is a cross manufacturer battery pack system of leading power tool brand
  • One battery, many solutions
  • Unlimited combinations: devices, battery pack and chargers of all CAS partners
  • Cross-manufacturer compatibility for over 300 devices
  • Different battery packs obtainable (up to 10 Ah)
  • Sprayers especially suitable for disinfection from 0.5 l Desinfecta + to manual and battery backpack sprayers to the combination of backpack sprayers with AS 1200.



The new generation of
Flox 10, Iris 15, Spray-Matic 10 B

  • The best backpack sprayers in the world are characterised by functionality and ease of use. The uncompromising evolution of tried and proven products.


  • The handy powder duster Bobby 0.5 for houses, gardens and farms has now five changeable nozzles (round, angel and fanjet nozzles) for universal applications.
  • Plant protection new defined with the battery spray blower AS 1200. Spraying in an air stream with pressure controlled liquid supply: A large spraying range with a minimum loss of spray solution can be achieved with pre-spraying and a variable air stream.


  • Zero emission: The two-wheel battery-operated sprayer A 50 sets new standards with its powerful Li-Ion battery concerning spray period and work comfort. The start of a new era!
  • The backpack sprayer REX 15 replaces motor driven sprayers. Same as the A 50, the REX 15 is also electronic controlled and the operating pressure can be continuously adjusted from 1 to 10 bar.
  • After the first sprayer (Foxy Plus in 2006) now almost all of the hand sprayers (0.5 l) and compression sprayers (1.25 l) are made with the innovated 360° spraying function (spraying in any position).
  • The robust Vario-Matic 1.25 PE with integrated mixing ratio dial is the perfect foam gun for professional car cleaning, large kitchen, sanitary and shower areas or swimming baths.
  • The professional compression sprayer Food-Matic 1.25 P is the first one with a confirmation of conformity for contact with foodstaff.


  • Fertilise and water at the same time: the Aquamix 1.25 V is relaunched new with 4 mixing ratios from 0.2 % - 2.0 %. Furthermore a special version for dosing a precise mixture of water and nematodes (AquaNemix 1.25 V).


  • With the new telescopic lance XL 8 a working leve up to 8 meters can be reached. The XL 8 is available in two versions, either for spraying (XL 8 S) or for dusting (XL 8 D).


  • Birchmeier unveils another world first: the REC 15 – the first rechargeable backpack sprayer with electronic pressure control.
  • The new RPD 15 backpack sprayer is introduced: external pump integrated into the pump lever. A high-quality yet low-cost product for private users.
  • Super McProper Plus: First 360° hand sprayer specially resistant to mineral oil based solvents and multifunctional oils.
  • Choosing the correct sprayer or foam unit with colour codes: Depending on the application the units for industrial use are printed black, red or blue.

2004 - 2012

  • 2012: The company further focuses and expands its range of products, adding acid, alkali and solvent-resistant sprayers and foamers.
  • 2011: Further innovation prize for the new Granomax (salt and granular spreader) product.
  • 2009: Birchmeier receives an innovation prize for the new Rapidon 6 (canister with dispensing function).
  • Various innovations (spray bottle for spraying in all positions, dispensing devices, foaming devices) and numerous improvements in quality, always taking into account the "Swiss Made" quality label.
  • The company steps up its innovation activities and internationalisation.
  • 2003/04: Change in ownership from Bernhard Galliker to a holding company (main shareholder Jürg Zwahlen).

1995 – 2003

  • 1997: The company moves from Künten to Stetten
  • 1995: The company is awarded the ISO 9001 quality certificate. At the same time, it undergoes restructuring and changes its name from Birchmeier & Cie to Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG.

1981 – 1991

  • 1988-91: The company expands its range in the field of water jet cutting. It also begins producing containers automatically, automating its plastic blow moulding machines and using new welding procedures for producing stainless steel devices.
  • From 1983: Gradual introduction of new products such as the "Maya" pressurised sprayer, the "Birky" rotating nozzle sprayer, various high pressure pumps, the Commander tree injection system, the LG 15 backpack sprayer and Florajet.
  • 1981: Death of Hans Birchmeier, a major patron and entrepreneur (joined the company in 1911).


  • First mini computer acquired.
  • Birchmeier celebrates its 100th anniversary.
  • The newly developed Senior backpack sprayer is launched.
  • The first polyethylene Spray-Matic pressurised sprayer.

1952 – 1973

  • 1972/73: Switchover from metal to plastic containers: "Foxy" small hand sprayer, "Bobby" powder duster and Super Star 5 L in plastic.
  • Two eventful decades with various changes and new products.
  • 1952 The first self-propelled four-wheel sprayer.

bis 1950

  • The company's uninterrupted innovative spirit leads to new products, inventions and even world premières in the area of sprayers: Bimoto motorised piston pump, spray booms, Senior backpack sprayer (patented).
  • 1949 The world's first backpack mist blower (patented).
  • 1929 First motorised sprayer sold.

1876 – 1907

  • 1907: J.B. Birchmeier takes over Trost & Cie., subsequently Birchmeier und Cie.
  • 1889: J.B. Birchmeier joins the company as an accountant and sleeping partner, the first vine sprayer is developed (modified wooden vat as a backpack sprayer). Products are exhibited and receive awards. Prague 1892, Bern 1895, Hamburg 1897, Lausanne 1910. 1889 Approx. 66 employees.
  • 1876: The company is established as Trost & Cie., Metallwaren- und Lampenfabrik by J.B. (Johann Baptist) Trost.